Your Body Is A Temple


A woman’s body is a beautiful work of art, but now it seems like more women are using their bodies for sexual and stimulating pleasure in hopes that it will take them far. The more men are wowed by curves, the more some women will use those curves to work their way around men to get what they want, or what they think they deserve. And society has a picture painted, which is causing what true beauty is to become tainted. Society has women starving themselves to be on the cover of the hottest magazines, and in the latest music videos. They’re getting fake breasts and fake butts just so they can have “what it takes”, then use it and let it show. More women are adding attractive attachments so they can become the perfect distraction and receive their “deserving” reaction. Instead of using their bodies as something that invites men in, more women should start treating their bodies like a sacred garment or a delicate piece of linen. A lot of women say that all men are the same, because all the men they dated were cold. But if the tools you use can only dig for silver… you will never strike gold.

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