Let me express my love tonight

I’m obsessed with you loving me right

When my ears hear how you feel

That your heart is where my love lives

I can’t thank God enough for life


Previous love was a rougher life

Before you I didn’t have a clue

I only had a gist of what love was like

But as I flick my wrist to lovely writes

I’m creating a list of what love is like


As I describe your beauty with my eyes

You’re still as beautiful as you came

And your inner beauty’s the same

As a matter of fact, I could flip you inside out

And I would never notice a change


I’m forever holding a flame

That burns forever with your name

And it could never be put out

Even if it forever rains

From the darkest of all clouds


You were a spark from a wall cloud

Patiently waiting to spin out

To scoop my heart up off the ground

But there was no need to warn this heart

Because it loved when you touched down


It’s your heart that makes me proud

And in love enough to be

In front of you on bended knee

Asking you to take my hand

And make my life complete

©Rodrick Bates

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