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I have never loved enough to say this much

But after finding you, love became a must

Walking through life with your kisses and hugs

Is like my wishes floating on an gifted rug

Because I feel lifted by what your love does


After giving me the air that I needed to breathe

Your beautiful heart has inflated me

But there’s no more waiting to exhale for us

The size of your heart is like a prize from God

Like a double XL wrapped from above


And I never thought I could love this much

But “never” ended when forever found us

Now as I sit and compare the days of old

To all the beautiful days my future holds

It’s like comparing rocks to a pot of gold


I know that love can’t be bought or sold

But after I got to know the heart you hold

I was so ready to sell you my soul

And while I’m letting the truth be told

I don’t ever want to let you go


All because God has placed us together

My “never” has turned into forever

My weather has changed for the better

I prayed to God; he said love her hard

And she’ll love you the same if you let her


I never thought I could trust enough to love

Now I never want to lose love’s trust

I never thought a heart was made for me

Now I don’t know how my days would be

If our hearts would ever beat separately


My deepest appreciation for you

Is something I promise to never lose

I promise to never neglect or disrespect

Or hurt the heart that loves me

For you turned my never into eternity

©Rodrick Bates